joli bébé
phiphi en tricycle
Born in Aubervilliers, close to the canal Saint Martin, in the middle of the fifties, I lived there until the 8 years age in
Dad and mom in the bar
the bar of my parents.
papa et maman
déja passionné
Already in loved with trains
la droguerie
Montceau les mines
The hardware store of my parents
With adolescence, it is the beginning of my multiple passions, rugby, trains and the folk music with the great group Big Mama Band.
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Le Rugby Club Montcellien
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After having made studies of oenology, I moved in Beaune to work there. I live happy there , with my wife and my daughter

I am the cellar master at the Bichot house. A very good job.


Le chef de gare
danièle, amandine
amandine and their sons
debroise seguin
dad, mikael
gaspard and jules